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Manufactus is a brand of Natalizia S.a.s (e.g. limited partnership), founded by Luca Natalizia, and it’s an international-level leading company in design and manufacture of unique and refined products.

Our products are the result of continuous historical research and in-depth study on those models that, over time, have dominated trends and tastes of the fashion industry: reissuing traditional designs, adapted with a modern twist, is at once the starting point and the goal of the creative process to produce the various articles available in our catalogue:

  • the bookbinding section consists of organizers, address books, diaries, special record books for hotels, exhibitions, or other events. All products are listed by design, the materials employed (e.g. leather or special types of paper), or by size
  • for those who are fond of writing, the catalogue includes a wide set of pens and nibs, as well as collections of paperweight and hand lenses: exquisite finishes and details enrich these original and refined products;
  • our bags, both for work and for leisure, are all unique pieces handmade in Italy, with a wide choice of sizes and skin colours;
  • other peculiar items are included in the “Ancient Writing” series, which comprises stamps, distinctive letters, inkwells, nibs, and Indian ink, as well as refined old-style papers.