Handmade leather desk pad

Within an environment where we usually spend a lot of time, whether it be the office or your room, an ordered layout is very important. In fact, to be as functional as possible, and help us concentrate, a workplace or study must necessarily be welcoming, well-lit and, of course, orderly. So, how can you not focus first on your desk? It’ s the place where ideas are created par excellence, the place where we spend planning the future for hours on end, studying for our exam sessions, or working on the computer for the upcoming deadlines. In this article, I will give you some advice on how to improve this fundamental space, starting with a must-have accessory: a handmade leather desk pad by Manufactus!

How to furnish the desk: why the desk pad is so important

The desk pad is a very versatile piece of furniture that can perform various functions. First of all, it can add a touch of personality to your desk, which is no small feat! Secondly, it can protect the tabletop from scratches and bumps and give it a more polished look. But not all desk pads are the same, you know? Let’s take a look at the different types.

Desk pad: types

There are different types of desk pad on the market, and I will just point out two of them:

– “desk mat”: useful for writing as well as for protecting the table

– “folding desk pad”: allows you to store useful documents and materials for your activities 

Desk pads can also vary according to the materials which they are made of. My advice is to always choose a leather desk pad, which is the perfect option if one wants to bring elegance to a desk and, at the same time, to have an accessory that lasts for a long time.

An example of this very valid accessory is the handmade desk pads by Manufactus, a brand that is already recognised worldwide for the quality of its craftsmanship, and the usage of only authentic leather. 

Take a look at these items! 

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