Vegetable Tanned Leather Accessories

Have you ever heard of Vegetable Tanned Leather? If the answer is no, I highly recommend reading this article, because we will delve deep into this subject, including insights on wonderful accessories made with this technique! 

Vegetable tanned leather: what is it and why it is used to manufacture accessories

Vegetable tanned leather is obtained from cow, goat, or sheep skins that undergo a process called “tanning” that prevents decomposition. The term “vegetable” refers instead to the substance used for tanning: it is a natural extract which comes from some vegetable species and is called tannin. 

Characteristics and facts about Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather is cruelty free: the hides are in fact reclaimed food industry waste. Obviously, we’re not talking about “vegan” materials, but no animal is usually killed to just obtain the skins.

Furthermore, tanned leather products are hypoallergenic and therefore particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies: let us remind you that the tannins are natural extracts which are free of toxic substances or heavy metals.

Some trivia: if you want to recognise vegetable tanned leather from other similar materials, try to smell it. In fact, tannin-based tanning usually permeates the leather with an intense perfume, the classic “smell of leather”, which is definitely unmistakable! 

Vegetable tanned leather accessories: some purchase advice 

Due to its beauty and quality, tanned leather is very often used to produce accessories and clothes. In this case, what we suggest buying first are Manufactus accessories!  

Manufactus products are all hand-made, using high quality vegetable tanned leathers. Each of the brand’s vegetable tanned leather accessories are unique pieces characterised by attention to the smallest details: that’s why Manufactus is a tribute to Made in Italy, something that makes our country so well known and beloved all over the world!

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